home lawn service new port richey

Property Maintenance

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This home in New Port Richey was a foreclosed property that we maintain for Wells Fargo Bank. We are the crew the bank sends to an asset after it has been foreclosed on to assess damage and cleanup costs. After working with different banks for over 3 years now we have built a reputation that speaks for itself. We maintain the exterior …

Mulch installation palm harbor

Refreshing Mulch

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This property is a beautiful home in Palm Harbor that needed a landscape refresh and sod replacement. Suncoast Lawn Group came in and replaced the sod, mulch, shrubs, and trimmed trees. Now it looks as it should! A beautiful castle in the heart of Pinellas County.

Sod Replacement palm harbor

Green Sod

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Fresh green bahia grass sod was installed in the entire back yard of this beautiful property. It was a desert when we got there and a beauty when we left!

Commercial Landscape Design New Port Richey

Commercial Landscaping

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Commercial landscape design are our favorite projects to tackle. We can install all types of materials to make your property look and feel as it should. Business owners know the experience starts in the parking lot. Landscape design can have a huge impact on your property.

Beach landscape new port richey

Your Back Yard, Your Way

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If you want a beach in your backyard, we will give you a beach in your back yard! This client in the heart of Dunedin now has his very own beach in his back yard. What nice feature of this property. Imagine coming home after a long day of work to your very own beach. This too can be yours.

Weed control new port richey

Weed Control

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At every service our maintenance technicians spray weeds. We also weed whack them with a line trimmer or as we know them in Florida a weed whacker. No weed left behind here. Here is our owner Diana Perez taking weeds out herself!